Jackson Carman Cincinnati Bengals
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Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Jackson Carman knees were weak and his arms were heaving playing against the Detroit Lions this weekend and it may have been thanks to rapper Eminem's restaurant. Carman was activated off the COVID-19 reserve list before the game, but ended up not starting and did not play much.

Of course, many questioned whether it had something to do with side effects of COVID-19, but it turns out that a local food spot may have been causing the problems.

Eminem recently opened a restaurant in Detroit called "Mom's Spaghetti," a reference to his hit song "Lose Yourself." Ironically, in the song, the mom's spaghetti comes back up and ends up on his sweater, almost an omen to what would happen to the Bengals' player.

Carman asked Twitter what local spots he should check out and when he came across Slim Shady's new place he had to check it out.

After the game, he advised others to avoid the restaurant. I guess Eminem is better at rapping than he is making spaghetti dinners.

Thankfully for the Bengals, they were able to get the win over the Lions without too much help from Carmen, who well, had other things to worry about. Cincinnati defeated Detroit 34-11 and moved to 4-2 on the season, while the Lions fell to 0-6.

Next week the Bengals will head to Baltimore to face the Ravens. This time on the road, make sure to check reviews before eating at a restaurant, Carman.