On Sunday in Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning threw what might be his final pass. It was a two-point conversion thrown to wide receiver and future trivia answer Bennie Fowler.

Fowler caught a total of 16 passes in his second season with Denver and a total of two catches in the postseason. The second one wasn't something that titled the Super Bowl, but it could very well be Manning's final pass if the Broncos quarterback retires after 2015.

In a pretty awesome move, Fowler decided to give the ball back to Manning.

Seems like the easy choice right? Well, not really -- Fowler has no clue if he'll ever get a chance to catch a two-point conversion pass in the Super Bowl (or any sort of scoring pass or any sort of pass in general in the Super Bowl). Giving away the pass puts him at risk of losing a pretty amazing keepsake.

On the other hand, it looks like he's picking up some pretty sweet signed stuff from Peyton -- the jersey in Manning's hand sure does look like it might be signed which would be a pretty smart way to swap for a football.

Fowler gifted this ball back to Manning. (USATSI)