Hall of Fame executive Bill Polian would strongly consider the right opportunity to return to the NFL and is expected to garner heavy consideration for a front-office position in Chicago, according to league sources. Polian enjoys his work broadcasting but remains plugged in to league matters and personnel, and several owners are mulling over front-office shake-ups that he is monitoring closely.

A senior executive, advisory position with the right franchise would appeal to Polian, sources said, and there is a possibility the Bears restructure their front office in a scenario where Polian would be a senior adviser who oversees coaching and football operations in 2017 and then makes determinations about how he believes the organization should move forward.

Some NFL execs have suggested Los Angeles as a possibility for Polian as well. However, sources close to Polian maintain a Midwestern team would have appeal to the veteran personnel man, and noted he has had a strong affinity for Bears ownership over the years.

Polian was in talks to join the Bills in a senior management position a few years ago, but ultimately opted not to take that job as he awaited induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which requires a five-year hiatus from the game before candidates can be eligible. Polian, who remains well thought of by many owners, could end up working with his sons again if he returns to a front-office position as well, which would interest him.