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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin will step onto the field at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati on Sunday for the first time since he collapsed on Jan. 2. It will be an emotional day for Hamlin, and he knows it will be a special moment.

Last season, Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after taking a hit in a game against the Bengals. Medical personnel rushed to his aid, and Hamlin not only survived, but he is back in the NFL.

It will be an emotional moment when Hamlin returns to that very field, and while he isn't sure how it will hit him, Hamilin knows that he will face the moment with his teammates and loved ones. Hamlin also feels a large amount of gratitude for those in Cincinnati who saved his life.

"I don't know what to expect," Hamlin told the New York Post. "You know, this is unique to me as well. All I know is I'm walking in with courage, I'm walking in with strength and I'm walking in with my brothers. You know, and I'm walking in with my mom, my dad, my family. And I'm walking into, you know, an environment of people that supported me the entire time.

"They continue to support me, you know, on both ends," he said. "So, you know, it's a lot of love. I can't wait to receive it and give it and show my gratitude, you know, but ultimately we're going up there to get a win."

While this will be the first time Hamlin has set foot back in Paycor Stadium, he has returned to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center since his emergency. In July, Hamlin spoke at the medical center hoping to promote the importance of learning CPR and getting AED training.

That education process will continue prior to game time on Sunday when UC Healthy will provide CPR training outside the stadium.