NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In an offseason filled with change for the New England Patriots, there's still a Belichick lurking around the practice field. Brian Belichick, the youngest son of Bill Belichick, remains on the coaching staff as the team's safeties coach under Jerod Mayo

Of course, the last few months at 1 Patriot Place have been headlined by the parting of ways with his father, along with his brother, former outside linebackers coach Steve Belichick, who also departed after accepting the defensive coordinator job at the University of Washington. Meanwhile, Brian, who has been on the coaching staff since 2017, decided to stick around. 

"I enjoy very much coaching here, living here, working with our players every day," Belichick said in his first public comments since the team parted ways with his father. "I have the opportunity to coach a position in the National Football League. I mean, how much more can you ask for than that?" 

One can imagine that this is somewhat of an odd circumstance given how Bill's historic tenure came to a close, but Brian, who welcomed a baby girl over the span of this transition, seems to be embracing the familiarity and opportunity he still has in New England. He's also drawn a glowing review from his new boss, who acknowledged the unique dynamic that he's in. 

"He's been fantastic, he's been fantastic," Mayo said of Brian. "There are other guys in the organization that it has been a little awkward for him, and those guys have handled it the right way. Look, Brian loves football, and he loves New England. I think I talked about this a little bit earlier: a guy, new baby, loves it up here and wants to stay. We're happy that he's here." 

When further asked about his decision to stay on with the Patriots coaching staff, Brian was asked if he talked with his father about the opportunity, which he answered by saying that he "talked to a lot of people in my family over the course of however long it was." 

"I think in a way, and this is getting a little personal about our family dynamics, but in a way, I think it was good for us to have some separation from being in a football building every day seeing each other. Whereas now, we're not just connected by football, " Belichick said about his relationship with his father. "Not that it was that way before, but, you know, we talk about other things because we're in different places, not in the same place every day. There's a lot to talk about football-wise, so it was hard to not get caught up in that when you saw each other at work every day."

While he may not be working under his father, the legacy and standard that Bill Belichick established throughout his tenure still looms over Brian and the franchise as a whole. 

"I think we have a very well-coached team," said Belichick. "I think that starts with Jerod and we're all following his example and so we're all trying to live up to a very high expectation that obviously was built here through the years and my dad was the head coach. ... Everyone is trying to live up to that every day." 

While his brother Steve, who was in attendance during Wednesday's session as an observer, is still in the coaching ranks, Bill Belichick has turned into a media personality as he's already covered the NFL Draft and is set to work with the ManningCast during the "Monday Night Football" alternate broadcast. 

When asked for a scouting report on his father's media career, Brian said, "Again, I'll let you guys comment on that, but I have found it entertaining."