Jacksonville is a huge underdog to Denver this week.
Jacksonville is a huge underdog to Denver this week. (USATSI)

It’s official (well, as official as a gambling line that competes with other gambling lines can be). The Jaguars-Broncos game in Denver next Sunday went off at -28 for the Broncos on Sunday, making it the largest point spread in the history of the league.

While I saw at least one -27 out there Sunday night, Pregame.com’s RJ Bell has it at exactly four touchdowns.

This spread, of course, is subject to change, depending on whether money comes in on Denver or on Jacksonville.

But this extraordinary line has been two weeks in the making. We told you about the possibility of a four-touchdown spread last week when Bovada’s sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley said, “Before [Week 4’s game], I would have said it would be three touchdowns but considering [those] results, the fact that Seattle easily covered 19.5 at home against Jacksonville, and how our bettors have been pounding Denver every week and betting against the Jags like it is free money, this spread is looking closer to four touchdowns.”

The largest spread in history before this week occurred Dec. 5, 1976 when the Steelers were -27 against the Buccaneers. Pittsburgh won that game 42-0.