Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Bruce Arians will no longer be lurking along the Buccaneers sideline on game day but his presence on the organization will still be felt. Earlier this offseason and in the wake of Tom Brady coming out of retirement to rejoin the Bucs, Arians decided to step down as head coach and have Todd Bowles ascend to that role, handing him a competitive club out of the gate. 

With that decision to step down came word that Arians would still be a part of the organization, but have more of an advisory role dubbed "senior football consultant." What does that role actually entail?  

"It's a 'what do you think?' job," Arians told the Eye Test For Two podcast, via Joe Bucs Fan. "Everybody asks me what do I think and they know they're getting a brutally honest answer, whether it be Joel Glazer, Jason Licht, Bowles, or Byron Leftwich. It's been fun going to practice, watching and learning some more, watching us change, looking at the new guys. Man, that draft class is going to be a home run. Looking forward to getting to camp."

This role does allow Arians to still be linked to the franchise and continue to foster the relationships he's built throughout his tenure.  As it relates to game days, Arians said that he plans to watch Tampa Bay from the booth.

"That's the beauty of my job," Arians said. "I get to be in the locker room, get to be around the coaches every day, and still have a big hand in the draft. The relationships were always the biggest thing for me. Building a new team, watching the new guys come in. Now, Sundays might be different sitting upstairs. I might be able to still holler loud enough to cuss out the refs from up there."

Even without Arians pulling the strings from the sideline, the Bucs are still considered to be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl next season with Bowles and Brady running the show. Currently, they own the second-best odds (+750) in the NFL to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at Caesars Sportsbook and only look up at the Buffalo Bills (+650).