LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- A swarm of reporters were gathered around Jim Harbaugh, back in the NFL after a decade away from his last coaching stint in which he won everything expect the Super Bowl. Harbaugh was able to accomplish winning the national championship at Michigan before returning to the NFL, with future first-round pick J.J. McCarthy leading the Wolverines to a perfect season. 

Harbaugh isn't in line to draft a quarterback with Justin Herbert around, yet the national champion head coach wouldn't stop raving about his former quarterback. Calling it a ringing endorsement would be an understatement. 

"He's the best quarterback in this draft," Harbaugh said at the NFL Annual Meeting on Monday. "He plays quarterback the best of all the quarterbacks. He's a winner."

The endorsement of McCarthy didn't stop there either. Harbaugh started discussing McCarthy's pro day at the University of Michigan last week. McCarthy's stock has been rising throughout the draft process, and Harbaugh is trying to make it soar even higher. 

"That was the best workout I've ever seen a quarterback during a pro day," Harbaugh said. "The best throwing day I've ever seen. To hear coaches and GM's come to me, 'Great job with JJ.' Like I predicted. It was absolutely no surprise whatsoever."

McCarthy was Harbaugh's quarterback at Michigan the last two seasons, so it wasn't a surprise to see Harbaugh glow when his name was brought up. He threw for 44 touchdowns to just nine interceptions, as Michigan went 28-1 in his 29 starts.

Harbaugh hyped up the quarterback who got him his national championship in a big way. The Los Angeles Chargers may not be picking a quarterback at No. 5, but Harbaugh is indicating to teams McCarthy may not be on the board when he picks anyway. 

"There was raving [about him]," Harbaugh said. "It was great to hear, incredible to hear. And it was unsolicited."