Might be time to hop on the Philip Rivers' bolo tie bandwagon. (via @LindsayHJones)
It's easy to make fun of Philip Rivers' post-game celebratory bolo tie because, well, it looks ridiculous. But here's the thing: Rivers is playing some of the best football of his career, the Chargers are winning, and nobody gives a crap what you look like given those circumstances. (Seriously, look at what Tom Bradygetsawaywith.)

So with that in mind, perhaps it's time to embrace the bolo. The Chargers certainly are.

There's also this from LobShots.com:

And Bobby Rubio gave Rivers and his bolo the superhero treatment:

Still having second thoughts about jumping on the bolo bandwagon? Perhaps this will assuage your concerns.

(via GQ)

That's right: GQ says bolo ties are back. Need more convincing beyond Rivers and Eastwood? Here ya go. A brief history of bolo ties:

It's good enough for U.S. Presidents...

...And thrift shoppers.

It's good enough for casual and formal Duckie.

It's good enough for Johnny Depp.

And it's good enough for the Boss.

Plan your spring fashion purchases accordingly.