The Los Angeles Chargers are a very annoying football team, because they have tons of talent and cannot close out football games. They play in a tiny little stadium and should have a great fan energy there, but because no one in Los Angeles wants two professional football teams, the stands are usually empty and/or full of opposing fans.

Things are getting so bad that the Chargers are being forced to close off sections of the StubHub Center, which also happens to be the smallest stadium in the entire NFL, by covering seats with a tarp.

The Chargers, however, are disputing that the seats are being closed off because of attendance concerns, with a spokesperson telling Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that those seats have been covered since the Chargers began playing at the StubHub Center, and that those seats do not reduce the already small 27,000-seat capacity. 

That's all well and good, but the reality of the Chargers' situation is that they cannot draw a huge crowd in their current setup. The Eagles are playing in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon and, as expected, the crowd is decidedly pro-Philly.

The bigger problem for the Chargers is that they're in a new market as the second team to arrive, competing against the Rams and not playing good football. The Rams look like a fun, young team on the rise. The Chargers feel like a team on the back end of burning through Philip Rivers' career in questionable fashion. 

They can't fill the smallest stadium in the NFL even when a bunch of seats are covered, and there will not be a lot of fans streaming into the stadium if the Bolts can't find a way to win more often.