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Saturday night's Super Wild Card game between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs was the coldest in Arrowhead Stadium history, and that weather caused serious health issues for some attendees. Hypothermia and frostbite became problems for fans as the wind chill dipped to -30 F. 

According to a report from FOX4 in Kansas City, the Kansas City Fire Department said emergency responders received "dozens" of calls relating to hypothermia and frostbite. There were a total of 70 calls to first responders, and about half of those were due to health issues caused by the dangerously cold temperatures. There wound up being 15 people taken to the hospital. Seven of them getting treatment for hypothermia and three more of them had frostbite.

KCFD EMS Division Chief Nathan Hopper shared a key warning sign of severe hypothermia with FOX4. Hopper said that shivering is a natural response to keeping the body warm in cold temperatures, and if that goes away, hypothermia has reached a highly dangerous level.

"Shivering is how the body stays warm. Without shivering you don't begin to generate heat anymore and at that point, if someone doesn't come to help you, it becomes a fatal condition," Hopper said.

The Chiefs' next playoff game won't be at Arrowhead Stadium, but any fans heading to Buffalo for the Divisional matchup against the Bills could heed those words. At the moment, the high in Buffalo on Sunday is just 26 degrees with a low of 20 degrees at night.