Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing a fanbase that just saw its favorite team win a championship loves more than getting wild tattoos based on the coaches or players of that team as an act of lifelong celebration. The latest example of this comes from a Chiefs fan that decided to combine an appreciation of Star Wars with one of the current Super Bowl champions.

Nathan Blankenship, an artist at the Kansas City-based tattoo shop Exile Tattoo, posted a photo on his Instagram of this work of art someone put on their body for the rest of their life. The image is of Andy Reid dressed up as the Mandalorian and standing beside baby Yoda, donning Patrick Mahomes's signature hairstyle, headband and No. 15 on a red robe--the design is based on a new chapter in the science fiction franchise that was made into a streaming show.

This is certainly one of the more unique requests someone could make with regards to not only baby Yoda-based tattoos -- which is saying something since one person got a tattoo of baby Yoda with some White Claw -- but also Kansas City Chiefs-based ideas. Considering this is what this person thinks of after seeing that team win a title, it begs the question what could they possibly come up with if Mahomes and Reid repeat in 2021.