Chris Jones may have kicked the hornet's nest when he decided to get into a war of words with Tom Brady. Throughout the century, opposing players that decided to get into a verbal exchange with Brady end up regretting that decision. Not only did Jones prove the opposite, but he also proved that the Patriots are nothing to fear through 13 games, despite their 10-3 record. 

Anything to get in Brady's head, especially with an offense that scored just 16 points, seven of which came from a trick play. 

"Just crap-talking," Jones said of his exchange with Brady late in the second quarter of the Chiefs' 23-16 victory, via NBC Sports Boston. "Tom is a heck of a quarterback, a Hall of Famer. Any time you're able to talk crap, you gotta affect him any type of way. I got much respect for Tom Brady, man. 

"He's definitely a GOAT in my eyes, one of the greatest. Any time you're able to affect his game any type of way, whether it's talking, whether it's hitting him, whether it's getting him uncomfortable, you got to."

Jones wasn't worried about the consequences of his actions, but did he think all of that had any effect?

"I mean, you see the score," Jones said in response. 

Jones and Brady bashed helmets with the Chiefs holding a 17-7 lead late in the first half and the Patriots offense getting off the field on third down. After Brady threw an incompletion, Jones got in Brady's face which prompted the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback to retaliate.

The Jones exchange wasn't brought up to Brady after the game, which is the last of the quarterback's concerns. Not when his offense puts up 278 yards and goes 2-of-12 on third down situations. 

"I mean, I think we're just trying to figure out what works," Brady said. "So, I think you have an idea and then you see how the game unfolds and then you've got to make some adjustments. So, we tried to make some adjustments there in the second half. They threw a lot of different defenses at us, some we handled pretty good, others we didn't. It was a good game by them."