The Dallas Cowboys could have their left tackle back in the fold next season. At least, that will happen if Tyron Smith gets his way. According to The Dallas Morning News, Smith wants to play another season in Dallas.

The Cowboys' first-round pick back in 2011, Smith is set to hit free agency this offseason after playing out the entirety of the eight-year, $97.6 million contract extension he signed back in 2014. Smith famously signed a below-market deal and never had it renegotiated or extended because he was so thankful that the Cowboys and the Jones family helped him through difficult times for his own family. 

He has been one of the best left tackles in the NFL whenever he's been healthy, though that has been more of an issue for him in recent seasons. Through his first five NFL seasons, Smith missed just one game due to injury. He then missed exactly three games in each of the next four years, but since 2020 he has played in only two, 11, four, and 13 games. This past season was one of his best in years, even while injuries forced him to sit out four times. 

Despite his 13 years of experience, Smith is still only 33 years old and will not turn 34 until late in the 2024 season. The eight-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro should be one of the best offensive linemen on the market this offseason, and will presumably be highly sought-after if he and the Cowboys cannot agree on a deal that facilitates his return to the fold. 

Dallas drafted Tyler Smith in 2022 to presumably be Tyron's successor at left tackle, but moved Tyler inside to guard in 2023 and had the two Smiths play next to each other. It resulted in both of their being named Second Team All-Pros, and the plan is seemingly to keep Tyler at guard long term. The Cowboys will likely have to find Tyron's successor at left tackle eventually, but given the way he played this past season, they would be wise to bring him back for another year.