A photo of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at a 1957 desegregation demonstration resurfaced recently, stirring up controversy in the NFL community. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was asked about it, and though he said he has not "fully processed" it yet, he said everyone should "give grace to one another."

The photo shows Jones, as a teenager, among a group of students at North Little Rock High School protesting as six Black students were being integrated in the school. Per the Washington Post, Jones said his football coach told players to not show up, but he was "mischievous" and went anyway -- not to protest but out of curiosity.

"I've often asked (myself), 'Why didn't you do more?" Jones said. "'Why didn't you get up and have them come up on the bus and sit rather than standing back there? Why didn't you do more?'"

During a Nov. 30 press conference, Lakers star LeBron James asked the media why they had asked him about his former teammate Kyrie Irving's controversial statements, but nothing about the Jerry Jones' photo. Naturally, Prescott was asked for a comment the following day.

While he said James' comments were "on Jerry to address," he did say he believes "in grace and change."

"Obviously we can be more empathetic and give grace to one another, regardless of race," Prescott said. "From the times we've come from to where we are now, thinking about the growth we've had. That's who I am, how I think, optimistic. I mean (as) a guy who is completely biracial, Black and white, it's easy for me to speak on race on one side or another."

Prescott added the incident occurred 65 years ago and that times have changed. He also said to "look at the man's resume since then," and that even the media could ask themselves the question of accountability and discussing the disparities and differences in race.

"As I said: I'm here for growth and giving grace and trying to make this world a better place. That's who I am at my core and what I believe in," he said. "Unfortunate things come up from the past, pictures, and they show how far we've come, but at the same sense, they're a reminder of how short of a time that was ago. That wasn't that long ago that we were all sitting on different sides, and we weren't together. But as I said, I wouldn't be here if it were still that way."