Forget that the Chicago Bears never had a 4,000-yard passer or quarterback that's thrown for 30 touchdowns in a season, but that's not why Deion Sanders is warning Caleb Williams about playing for the franchise. 

Williams, on track to be the No. 1 overall pick in next month's NFL Draft, is set to join the franchise that hasn't had franchise quarterback play since the days of Sid Luckman. Sanders doesn't like the team for Williams, and it has nothing to do with how the Bears operate. 

"Let me tell you something that I have a problem with," Sanders said on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio this week, via Pro Football Talk. "And this kid can flat out play, I think he's the best one on the board this year for sure. A kid that's coming from California for the last couple years, right? And went to Oklahoma. That's not terribly cold. Chicago's cold, man. 

"You gotta think about that kind of stuff when you're taking a young man. Like see, when you take a guy from Ohio State and you bring him to Chicago, okay, I could understand that. But from California to Chicago? Not only that, they added what? One or two more games in the NFL. Seventeen games.

"Come on, man. You gotta factor in that stuff. That stuff matters."

Williams was born in Washington D.C. and went to Gonzaga College High School, which has cold weather in the winter. While high school football season lasts until late November and early December based on how far a team goes in the playoffs, Williams is accustomed to the elements. Playing in Norman, Oklahoma and Los Angeles, California has  made Williams a "warm weather" quarterback, but he's played football in a "cold weather" city. 

Sanders may be giving the cold shoulder to Chicago, along with any other city that has cold weather. He doesn't want his son, Shedeur Sanders, playing in a cold weather city when he decides to enter the draft. 

"Like, I don't want my kid going nowhere cold next year," Sanders said. "He grew up in Texas. He played in Jackson, played in Colorado. Season's over before it gets cold in Colorado. I'm just thinking way ahead. I don't want that for him."