Late Sunday afternoon, Deshaun Watson made one of the best plays you'll see all season. 

With his Texans trailing the Raiders 24-20, Watson was under heavy pressure in the pocket. As he is wont to do, Watson began scrambling around. He was damn near in the grasp of a defender, but after that exact situation cost Houston a touchdown last week, the referees declined to blow the whistle and call the play dead.

Watson broke free of the defenders and scrambled to his right, then found tight end Darren Fells right at the front of the end zone for a score. 

It wasn't until after the play, when Watson remained down and clutching his head, that we discovered Watson had actually been kicked in the face as he broke free of the defender's grasp. You can see him reach up to adjust his helmet as he moves out to his right and before delivering the ball. 

In his postgame press conference, Watson broke down exactly how it all happened. 

"I just kind of just tried to make a play," Watson said. "Kind of spin him off. And when I spin, his leg kind of came up. I'm not sure where it hit. It hit my helmet. That's all I remember. And my eye went shut. Just kind of seen Fells going to my right. I had to re-adjust my helmet and then [my other eye] was actually going closed, so I kind of threw it blind. I kind of assumed where he was going." 

The man got kicked in the eye, which caused his other eye to close as he scrambled away from defenders, so he just threw it to where he thought his guy would be. And it worked. The man is unreal.