Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Much like in 2021, no one has any idea how things will play out for Deshaun Watson, but things are largely different in the realm of his legal matters. With the grand jury choosing to not indict the former Pro Bowl quarterback on allegations of sexual misconduct, the door flies open for list of potential trade scenarios around the league. Having not suited up for the Houston Texans for a single snap last season, Watson is eager to find a new NFL home and there are no shortage of suitors -- all having the added challenge of wooing him personally, considering he has a no-trade clause and can decide where he lands.

At least two teams have already gotten off to the races in the sweepstakes to acquire Watson, with the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers having reportedly made offers to the Texans -- per NFL Network -- as other teams work to become involved as well. The Texans are expected to grant Watson permission to meet with both teams, and any others, which is a formality at this point.

Watson will indeed meet with the Panthers and Saints, amongst other teams, per ESPN's Adam Schefter. Both teams also have expressed a willingness to meet with the Texans quarterback before paying a premium draft haul to acquire him. 

The rumored asking price by the Texans is at least three first-round picks ... and more. Watson also has a no-trade clause in his Texans' contract. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are out, considering the return of Tom Brady Sunday night.  It appears the Miami Dolphins, who were attempting to acquire Watson in 2021, are out of the running going forward, if their recent proclamation of the door being closed on Watson is to be believed.

With the criminal case now in his rearview -- the civil cases still pending along with the league's probe into possible violation of the personal conduct policy -- Watson is readying to meet with teams with the hopes of taking the field for the first time since 2020, but appeasing both the Texans and Watson, respectively, won't prove to be a simple task.