Despite previous protestations, Philip Rivers will go to L.A. with the Chargers

As they announced yesterday, the Chargers are moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. It's a move that's been rumored for quite some time now, and it's finally come to fruition.

Previously, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had expressed discomfort with the idea of moving to Los Angeles, leading to speculation that if the team did indeed move, he might not move with them. Perhaps he'd retire or seek a trade.

Rivers addressed that speculation back in 2015. "My hesitation and my lack of excitement for a potential move was more about the thought of leaving [San Diego] than it was about disdain for L.A.," Rivers said. "Again, that's still out of my control. Nobody knows. It wasn't a hatred of Los Angeles. It was more of a love for this community. This is where all but one of my children have been born and where my family has grown over the last decade."

Any speculation that may have cropped up in the wake of the Chargers' move to L.A. becoming a reality, though, can be summarily shut down. Rivers is making the trip up the California coast with his team.

With new coach Anthony Lynn in charge of the offense, it'd be reasonable to expect improvement in the Chargers' running game, which should help ease Rivers' burden of carrying the offense on his shoulders. Rivers is 35 years old and may not have more than a few years left in the league, but he should be put in a pretty good position to succeed.

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