During the run up to the 2016 presidential election, there was a lot of focus on the New England Patriots, in large part because of close ties between quarterback Tom Brady and then-Republican candidate Donald Trump. Brady, who repeatedly pointed out that Trump was a good friend of his and he supports his friends, once had a "Make America Great Again" hat hanging in his locker. 

Brady would eventually decline to elaborate on who he voted for during the election and, since the election, has had some instances where he stepped back from the support of Trump.

His wife, model Gisele Bundchen, said publicly that she and Brady did not support Trump, and Brady has called President Trump's words directed towards NFL players over anthem protests "divisive." Brady did not visit the White House and Trump did not mention him in a speech at the event.

And apparently all this bothers President Trump. In a lengthy profile by Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush and Peter Baker of the New York Times that dropped over the weekend, the Times reported that Trump remains miffed that Brady has not been enthusiastic in his support of the sitting president.

"Mr. Trump still takes shots at Mark Cuban, a fellow rich-guy reality star, and expresses disappointment that Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, has distanced himself," Haberman wrote, via Michael Hurley of CBS Boston

Perhaps this should not be surprising: Trump repeatedly mentioned in public how he was friends with Brady and at one point cited a handwritten letter he received from Bill Belichick. He has talked about and supported the Patriots in the face of controversy, criticizing the NFL for pursuing a suspension of Brady during the Deflategate saga.

But Trump has also been hyper-critical of the NFL this year, saying that NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem. The result of his early-season comments were a league-wide reaction that involved statements and protests against the president, even from people who voted for him during the election.

President Trump has been, according to reports, very excited about how his feud with the NFL has "really caught on."

Brady, for his part, usually spends the NFL season locked into one thing and one thing only: pursuing a Super Bowl. He's at it again this year, although the Pats stumbled a bit in Miami on Monday night, and he is not likely to talk about or comment on the president's feelings during the run up to the NFL playoffs. 

All of that, plus Brady backing off his support for Trump after the election, could certainly lead to a feeling of distancing. And it has, according to the Times, led to Trump being upset about the situation. 

Wink of the CBS Eye to Michael Hurley of CBS Boston for finding the quote.