Bill Belichick may think Donald Trump's "leadership is amazing" but it's less clear where Tom Brady stands on the Republican nominee for president. During a speech in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday night, Trump told the crowd, "Tom Brady called today. He said 'Donald I support you, you're my friend, I voted for you."

But there is one, very big mitigating circumstance: Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, offered up an emphatic "NO" when asked on Instagram if she and her husband were supporting Trump.

And here's Gisele's original Instagram post, which was about Brady and his brand:

Worth noting: The post -- and Gisele's subsequent comments -- are from three days ago. Brady said yesterday morning that he hadn't voted yet, but he was later seen turning in his absentee ballot in the Boston suburb of Brookline:

Make of this what you will.