The Dallas Cowboys are doing a lot of winning in a very unconventional way, having posted a 5-1 record through the first six weeks of the season despite not having Tony Romo and missing Dez Bryant for several weeks too.

So naturally someone has a hot take on this topic, and Donovan McNabb, appearing on "Mike and Mike," said he thinks the Cowboys should trade not just one, but both Dez and Tony.

"You may want to think about trading Tony Romo and Dez Bryant going forward. Because this is a young team that's all fallen behind their young talent, meaning Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott," McNabb said. "Think about this: Going into the draft -- their defense has been playing outstanding -- going into the draft, draft a pretty good wide receiver in the second round, go after a defensive player in the first round."

The former Eagles and Redskins quarterback believes the Cowboys should create a "three-headed monster," except he apparently thinks getting rid of Bryant is the best way to do it, because Bryant remains a "distraction."

"And now you build with that three-headed monster we've seen them be so successful with. The offensive line is stable, something we've seen when Troy Aikman was there. You already have your running back, and then you have depth. You have McFadden and you also have some other guys to play," McNabb added. "Think about bringing in a wide receiver that can be a top dog wide receiver and no problems, because at this point you're not even talking about Dez.

"Remember just a couple weeks ago we were talking about if he was late, how many times he was late, not showing up to treatments, didn't want to hear back news from doctors. That becomes a distraction to the rest of the wide receiver corps. Butler's stepping up and playing well, you have Terrance Williams playing well. I mean, the ageless wonder in Witten catching balls and getting first downs. Cole Beasley was granted an opportunity to step away from training camp because he was questioning if he wanted to play football, and he's the No. 1 wide receiver for them. He has that connection with Dak Prescott."

McNabb thinks it's time for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones to listen to public sentiment and deal away Romo and Dez and just go with a full youth movement. Except he also believes the Cowboys need a backup in Romo (?).

"You're Jerry Jones, you need to listen to everybody for the first time and keep Dak Prescott out there and have that backup, just like New England did with Tom Brady," McNabb said. "Yeah we knew Drew Bledsoe was a little upset about it, and I would be too as a starter. But it worked out well for them."

Here's the thing: If Romo ends up either not playing or playing again and getting hurt, he could be getting traded this offseason. It's not a lock though, because he has a huge cap hold regardless of where he's playing. Dallas doesn't want to pay him to play elsewhere.

So it's possible the Cowboys see having Romo as a bonus. As for Dez -- yes, Prescott is doing well without him. But Bryant is an animal when he's healthy. The Cowboys aren't trying to trade away one of the best wide receivers in football and gamble they can hit on someone in the second round of the draft.

We don't know what these two would get in return either. They're both expensive and there's cap issues to deal with that involve acceleration of contract and cap hits. It's not as simple as dumping players.