With Sean Payton stepping down as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints and Denis Allen replacing him, we aren't expected to see much more of Taysom Hill at quarterback. The Saints re-signed Jameis Winston to a multiyear deal and also brought in Andy Dalton. Plus, Allen told reporters earlier this offseason that Hill will be focused on tight end moving forward.

While Payton was perceived to be one of Hill's biggest supporters, a former Saints quarterback believes Hill should still be receiving some reps at quarterback. In speaking with NOLA.com, Drew Brees said he thinks Hill should be playing 10-15 snaps at quarterback per game.

"You re-sign Jameis [Winston], coming off the knee injury. To me, there's no doubt that he's going to come back stronger than ever and have some more wisdom, experience and maturity under his belt. Andy Dalton played a lot of football, started a lot of games, won a lot of games, taking teams to the playoffs," Brees said, H/T Pro Football Talk. "With those two guys, plus the role that Taysom plays, which I still am a believer that Taysom should be playing 10-15 snaps at quarterback a game at a minimum, just with the threat he is. I know he's so valuable in so many other ways. I think they're pretty set at quarterback, if you ask me."

Hill played more quarterback last year than he had in any other season. He passed for a career-high 978 yards, four touchdowns and five interceptions while going 4-1. 

Hill's versatility is something that is still valued by New Orleans, and allowing him to take snaps under center certainly keeps defenses on their toes. It remains to be seen if he will get those same opportunities with Payton gone, but it doesn't seem likely he will average double-digit snaps at quarterback per game in 2022.