The Eagles are the official underdogs of the 2018 NFL playoffs, having vanquished the mighty Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round Saturday night and afterwards wearing a bunch of creepy dog masks to remind everyone they relish the role. Those dog masks will be back in full force again during the NFC Championship Game, with the Eagles coming in as underdogs to the Vikings.

Lane Johnson and Chris Long were the primary perpetrators of the meme, and it just came together in the middle of a lunch session where they were rapping about not being the favorites to win against Atlanta.

"Me and Chris Long were talking [at lunch], and everybody's calling us underdogs, so hey, let's go get us a dog mask," Johnson said via Tim McManus of ESPN. "That's what we did."

So the Eagles win over Atlanta 15-10 and the two guys appear after the game wearing the masks and Eagles fans go nuts. 

Jimmy Kempski of finds out the masks are for sale on Amazon and Eagles fans flock to the web and buy all the masks. They sell out quickly.


That means there are at least hundreds, maybe thousands of Eagles fans who own creepy dog masks. What does one do with a creepy dog mask? You wear it to a football game, obviously. 

And, according to the official team Twitter account, they will be encouraged to wear them at the NFC Championship Game.

Think about this for a second: it's entirely possible Fox could broadcast a game that features THOUSANDS of Eagles fans in the stadium, standing there with creepy dog masks on their faces, watching a football game. 

Minnesota has a tremendous home advantage with U.S. Bank Stadium, and might ultimately end up playing the Super Bowl at home, but the Eagles have freaking creepy dogs. This makes the Browns dog pound look like a cute little game of dress up. 

The sellers of the creepy dog mask have had to restock their product because Eagles fans flocked to the web and bought all the masks. And they're still sold out -- even if you go with "from these other sellers" on Amazon, you're going to have to wait until mid-February to get the mask. Which, even if the Eagles play in the Super Bowl, does you no real good. At that point you're thrilled the Eagles won the Super Bowl, but you're also stuck with a creepy dog mask that you never wore to an Eagles game. Spend your $35 on something else. 

Fortunately there are other options to support your favorite underdog (the Eagles are +3.5 at home against the Vikings for the NFC Championship Game). You could cruise over to and just get a "Philly Dogs" t-shirt, which is something that you can actually wear on a frequent basis. 


Or you could buy a different creepy dog mask on Amazon. There's the creepy "Men in Black" pug option.


For $15 you can REALLY scare your neighbor and dress as a poodle who looks more like something from "Planet of the Apes."


The "Shiba Dog" is terrifying but also made by the original creepy dog party mask people, who suggest you "make it a family night" by purchasing every single version of the mask. OK then.


And somehow these people managed to make the Bassett -- perhaps the creepiest dog -- the least creepy of the available options. 

Let's make Philly full of dogs again, people. Eagles fans: go forth and buy these masks. Show up to the NFC Championship Game sporting a latex dog mask. Let the world know you're not a bunch of boo-heavy, battery-throwing creeps. Free yourself from that stereotype for once and all by wearing creepy dog party masks to the professional sporting event.


Worst-case scenario you wig out the Vikings badly enough in the first quarter that the Eagles can jump out to a lead.