The fourth-and-15 onside kick alternative put forth by the Eagles was tabled before the NFL owners vote, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Eagles' proposal was one of several possible rule changes league owners discussed on Wednesday. 

The Eagles' proposal would give teams the option of either kicking off or the opportunity to convert a fourth-and-15 on their own 25-yard-line after a score. If the team with the ball fails to covert, the defensive team would take over at the dead-ball spot at their opponent's end of the field. For any new rule to pass, it must receiver 75% (or 24 votes) from league owners. 

While they still support their proposal, the Eagles are hoping that one of the proposals that did pass on Wednesday will lead to more successful onside kicks, per Schefter. Starting this season, there will be a limited amount of players a return team can have in the "setup zone," which is the area between 10 and 25 yards from the spot of the kickoff. This would likely increase the odds of the kicking team being able to recover onside kicks. If this new rule proves to be an effective resolution, it's highly likely that the Eagles' proposition will not be voted on in the foreseeable future. 

Other rule changes that were put into effect Wednesday included eliminating overtime during the preseason. Owners also voted towards giving the replay officials the ability to consult with referees on certain "specific, objective aspects of a play when clear and obvious video evidence is present," according to ESPN. There will also be more of an emphasis on enforcing the taunting penalty. 

Another proposal that was to be approved was the Chiefs' jersey number proposal, a proposal that will undoubtedly lead to several prominent number changes before the start of the 2021 season.