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PHILADELPHIA -- Someday a book is going to be published on Shaquille Leonard's career. From being a zero-star recruit out of high school to earning three first-team All-Pro honors in his first four seasons, Leonard's has defied the odds and become one of the best players in the NFL.

After a treacherous journey to reach the top of the mountain, injuries have caused Leonard to fall off the cliff. The Philadelphia Eagles linebacker has a lot to ponder this offseason as he contemplates his NFL future. 

"I think that will be a tough discussion for myself," Leonard said Friday. "Having two back surgeries, you know, with the back you have to take your time and try to figure this stuff out. You have to see how you look on tape throughout the year. Is it worth (it) to keep going? Are you yourself? Are you a shell of yourself? 

"I have a lot to think about this offseason."

Leonard was released by the Indianapolis Colts earlier this season after injuries slowed down a Hall of Fame start to his career. Multiple back surgeries (including two in five months) along with a broken nose and concussion limited Leonard to just three games in 2022 and limited snaps this season.

The Colts waived Leonard in November, and he signed with the Eagles weeks later. Leonard has 23 tackles and a sack in five games with the team, taking over the MIKE linebacker slot with injuries to Nicholas Morrow and Zach Cunningham along the way.

The Eagles have been through a defensive play-caller change in the midst of Leonard signing with the team, adding even more to leonard's plate as he was already learning a new defense. From proving to the organization that drafted him he can still play, to a free agency frenzy between two teams, and an ever-changing defense -- Leonard has been through it all in just three months. 

"Just thinking about everything I've been through this past year," Leonard said. "With the back surgeries, coming back from that. Getting cut in Indy then coming here. All the ups and downs, it's been crazy. 

"It's been a crazy experience, but I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Leonard played at South Carolina State for five years before emerging as a second-round pick with the Colts in 2018. He won Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2018 and made an All-Pro team in each of his first four seasons. Leonard was the first player since 1982 to have 10 sacks and five interceptions in his first 25 career games. 

The book that should be released on Leonard's career could be writing its final chapter. The "maniac" is just enjoying the journey, no matter what happens. 

He's also not ready for the journey to end. 

"To play this game, we're one in a million to come out and play the game that we love," Leonard said. "For me, it's always having positive energy. Always just being thankful to be where your feet are and just spread joy. 

"My job is to see someone else smiling. That's something I truly believe in. I think this week is truly not being down and truly enjoying the moment. I feel like emotions drive execution, that's my mindset."