The season hasn't even started and Doug Pederson already claimed a hard-fought victory over Sean Payton that will have ramifications when the Eagles travel to New Orleans for a date with the Saints on Nov. 18. Thanks to Pederson's golf game, the Eagles will take the field at the Superdome wearing their home-green jerseys against a Saints team that won't be wearing their traditional home-black uniforms.

As ESPN and chronicled on Monday, Pederson and Payton got paired together for a round of golf at the NFL meetings in March. What resulted was a wager or two. 

Payton gambling with Pederson shouldn't come as a surprise given just how ultra-competitive the two coaches are. Payton's the coach who once made a chocking gesture at Falcons running back Devonta Freemanmocked Vikings fans with a Skol chant, and exchanged a tense handshake with Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter. Pederson's the coach who "created an environment where friendly competition can be found at every turn" -- from paintball to Pop-A-Shot -- in Philadelphia, as ESPN's Tim McManus wrote a year ago.

What else did you expect from Payton and Pederson?

"I think Sean and I both got to the point where it was like we have to do something here. We have to play for something," Pederson said, per "We started talking about it, talking about jersey colors and Sean was like, there's only so many things as head coaches that we can control. Obviously we can control this (jersey colors) and we said hey this is a great idea."

So, the first bet was over jersey colors. Pederson, who said their "competitive juices" were "flowing," won the wager. As a result, the Eagles will wear green and the Saints will wear white for a game being played in the Saints' own building.

By the sound of it, it was a rough go for Payton.

"There's a good chance it involved me being in the water," Payton said, per ESPN. 

The hard times didn't stop there. Payton was also forced to send some New Orleans food to the Eagles' coaching staff after he took another loss.

"Hey, if I'd have kept playing, he'd have been in our locker room," Payton said, per ESPN.

Once again, just like he did in the Super Bowl when he out-coached Bill Belichick, Pederson found a way to exploit a fellow coach. Once again, just like he did against the Falcons in December, Payton let his competitiveness get the best of him and doomed his team. 

Yes, it's a slow news day. Why do you ask?