Kirk Cousins throws a lot of interceptions. He has eight in six starts this season -- including two in last week's loss to the Jets. And for all the vitriol directed at Robert Griffin III, Cousins throws interceptions at twice the rate (once every 23 attempts compared to once every 46 attempts for RG3).

Coach Jay Gruden says the plan is to keep Cousins as the starter. Predictably, the Cousins vs. Griffin debate remains a contentious one, though Cousins has largely ignored the biggest storyline coming out of Washington.

“The way that I don’t listen to what they’re saying is, I don’t listen to what they’re saying,” Cousins said, via to the Washington Post. “I turn on NPR instead of 106.7 or 980 sometimes. I turn on, you know, HGTV instead of ESPN. I think there are times when you can intentionally block it out, if you’re asking how to do that. I don’t have a lot of social media on my phone so it’s not quite as accessible to me as maybe it is to some other guys. There are ways you cannot hear it and it doesn’t do me any good to hear that."

Meanwhile, Cousins remains laser-focused on beating the Buccaneers this week.

“I know what’s at stake," he said. "I know how important it is to me and the people around me and this fan base and I want nothing more than to help this team get to a lot of wins and a playoff berth and all of that. I’m heart-attack serious about making this happen, and it takes time and it’s going to take some work, but we’ll see how it goes down the stretch here.”

If it makes you feel any better, Redskins fans (and it almost certainly won't), there is a silver lining to this year's interceptions compared to 2014.

"I don’t feel like the turnovers this year have been quite as awful as they were last year," Cousins said this week during an appearance on CBS Sports Radio 106.7 The Fan in DC (via the Post). "Some of the interceptions that I threw last year were just very poor reads, very poor throws, very poor decisions. And while some of the interceptions this year have been that, I don’t think it’s been quite as many, and then, I think just in general, overall, running the offense, finding completions, putting together long drives, I think we’ve been much, much better on third down and have been able to move the chains and stay on the field."

Make of this what you will.

Kirk Cousins prefers HGTV, thank you very much. (USATSI)
Kirk Cousins prefers HGTV, thank you very much. (USATSI)