Eric Reid's legal team rejected the findings in the recent NFL/NFLPA report about the frequency of his random drug testing, according to a league source, and demanded a response on the matter. The legal team's letter was received by the NFL and NFLPA on Wednesday, and requests more information as to how these findings were made.

Reid and his attorneys assert that after reading the contents of the NFL/NFLPA report, they reject its findings that there was no evidence he was targeted for drug testing. They claim that some of the dates the NFL used in its report are incorrect and asked for a public correction as soon as possible. The lawyers claim that Reid was tested at least seven times and want access to all evidence, records, electronic messages and information sources used to determine the findings within the report.

Earlier this week, the league and union, in response to comments Reid made about the persistent nature of his drug testing after he signed with the Panthers midseason, made public the results of its joint investigation into the situation. Reid is a close friend of Colin Kaepernick and, like the quarterback, would kneel during the playing of "The Star Spangled Banner." Reid inferred in comments to reporters this season that he believed he was being tested more than normal.

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Reid, who like Kaepernick is involved in a collusion case against the NFL, was signed by the Panthers following their Week 4 bye. In a press release, the NFL and NFLPA said they found no evidence of Reid being targeted and asserted that his testing was the result of a their computer-generated sequence of testing.

The NFL/NFLPA statement read in part: "The report also demonstrates that Mr. Reid's tests were randomly generated via computer algorithm and that his selection for testing was normal when compared with the number of tests players were randomly selected for throughout the league during the time that he was on an active roster. There is no evidence of targeting or any other impropriety with respect to his selection for testing."  

Reid went through the entire offseason without receiving any contract offers, despite being in his prime and playing at a high level for the 49ers. The Panthers signed him after injuries struck their secondary and he quickly became a regular for them. Kaepernick has yet to work out for an NFL team or be offered a contract the past two seasons since he and the 49ers parted ways.