NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Pick Six newsletter. 

The Chiefs were supposed to be celebrating their Super Bowl win on Wednesday, but instead, tragedy struck after gunfire rained down near the conclusion of the parade. We'll be covering the latest details on the incident today, plus some other NFL news

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1. Today's show: Two former NFL players break down the latest NFL news

Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots
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For today's episode of the "Pick Six NFL" podcast, we brought on two former NFL players to break down all of the latest NFL news: Brady Quinn and Leger Douzable.

Quinn and Douzable were joined by Tyler Sullivan, who was making his hosting debut. The three of them spent today's show breaking down all the storylines we can expect to see during the 2024 NFL offseason, including how the QB carousel might unfold. 

In Denver, Leger Douzable doesn't think there's any way we'll see Russell Wilson returning to the Broncos

"I don't believe there's any way this relationship can be salvaged," Douzable said. 

Since Wilson likely won't be returning to Denver, where could he end up? Glad you asked. Brady Quinn thinks there's one perfect landing spot for the Super Bowl-winning QB. 

"One place, I think if you look at the tea leaves, could be the Pittsburgh Steelers," Quinn said. "I know they drafted Kenny Pickett in the first round ... but the fact they didn't start him in the playoffs, they started Mason Rudolph -- yea, you can talk about it being the hot hand -- but maybe they've already made their decision on [Pickett]."

Quinn also said that the Steelers seem like a great fit for Wilson. 

"If I'm Russell Wilson, put me on that team," Quinn said. "They have weapons on the outside, their offensive line has improved and they have a good defense. I think you put him in there with Mike Tomlin, who's been a winner his entire career as a head coach, it's a winning formula if you're looking to revamp your career."

If you want to hear Douzable and Quinn breakdown other possible QB moves this offseason, then be sure to click here so you can listen to today's episode. If you prefer your podcasts in video form, you can watch today's episode on YouTube by clicking here

2. Latest details after shooting at Chiefs' Super Bowl parade 

It's now been roughly 24 hours since the end of the Chiefs' parade and so far, there are still a lot of questions about the incident. Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said that three people have been taken into custody. She also revealed on Thursday morning that two of the suspects are juveniles. 

"This appeared to be a dispute between several people that ended in gunfire," Graves said Thursday. The police chief did confirm that although three people have been detained, no one yet had been charged. 

Here are the latest details on the situation: 

  • There were 23 victims, including one death. According to authorities, there were a total of 23 people who suffered an injury and the victims had age ranges between 8 and 47. Of that total, one person died and 22 others were dealing with serious injuries. Eight had "immediately" life-threatening injuries, seven had life-threatening injuries and six had minor injuries, Kansas City Fire Department chief Ross Grundyson said. The deceased victim was identified as Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who worked as a local DJ for KKFI in Kansas City. 
  • Many of the victims were children. A spokesperson for Children's Mercy Kansas City said that 12 people were being treated at the hospital with 11 of them being children, who range in age from 6 to 15. Of the 11 children, nine of them are dealing with gunshot wounds. The good news is that all 11 children are expected to make a full recovery. 
  • Several Chiefs fans tackled one of the suspects. Video from the scene appeared to show several Chiefs fans taking down one of the suspects. Paul Contreras was one of the men who was in on the tackle and he spoke to KETV-7 in Kansas City. "I didn't think about, it was just reaction. I didn't hesitate, it was 'just do it.' So I went to tackle him and another gentleman did the same thing and as I'm tackling him, I see his weapon fall out of his hand … so when I see that hit that ground, I'm like, 'Oh,' we have to take this guy down." Contreras' daughter, Alyssa, took some footage of the suspect being detained (You can see it here). You can also see a photo of the suspect's gun and backpack here
  • Chiefs released a statement. "We are truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today's parade and rally," the Chiefs said. "Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City." The team announced that all players, coaches and staff members were safe and accounted for. The NFL and several other teams also released a statement after Wednesday's tragic events. 
  • Chiefs players reacted on X. Patrick Mahomes wrote that he's "Praying for Kansas City,' while Travis Kelce shared something a little lengthier. "I am heartbroken over the tragedy that took place today," Kelce wrote. "My heart is with all who came out to celebrate with us and have been affected. KC, you mean the world to me."
  • President Biden releases statement. "The Super Bowl is the most unifying event in America. Nothing brings more of us together. And the celebration of a Super Bowl win is a moment that brings a joy that can't be matched to the winning team and their supporters. For this joy to be turned to tragedy today in Kansas City cuts deep in the American soul. Today's events should move us, shock us, shame us into acting." You can read Biden's full statement here

This is a developing story. For the latest information on everything that's happened, follow here at CBS News.

3. 49ers coaching staff overhaul: San Francisco fires defensive coordinator Steve Wilks

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After saying on Tuesday that he expected his entire coaching staff to be returning in 2024, it seems that Kyle Shanahan had a change of heart. The 49ers decided to fire defensive coordinator Steve Wilks on Wednesday in a somewhat surprising move. 

The loss of Wilks means that the 49ers will be replacing at least five coaches on their staff for 2024. 

Here's a look at everything the team has gone through this week from a coaching staff standpoint. 

  • Steve Wilks fired. Shanahan called a surprise press conference on Wednesday and he did that to let everyone know that he had fired Wilks, who was with the team for just one season. Although the 49ers gave up the third-fewest points in the NFL this year, the defense struggled in the playoffs. They couldn't stop the run against the Packers and Lions. As for the Super Bowl, Nick Bosa said the defense simply wasn't prepared for some of the things that the Chiefs threw at them, which definitely reflects poorly on Wilks. 
  • Two 49ers assistants leaving for Washington. After serving one season as the 49ers running backs coach, Anthony Lynn has decided to take a job with the Commanders. The former Chargers head coach will serve as the run-game coordinator in Washington. Assistant defensive line coach Darryl Tapp is also headed for Washington, where he'll serve as the defensive line coach. 
  • Klint Kubiak headed for New Orleans. We mentioned this one on Monday: The 49ers pass-game coordinator has already left the team to take the offensive coordinator job in New Orleans. Kubiak had been with the 49ers for just one season. 
  • Raiders steal a 49ers assistant. Assistant offensive line coach James Cregg won't be returning to San Francisco and that's because he was hired to be the offensive line coach for the Raiders. 

Overall, that's five coaches the 49ers will have to replace this season. The biggest opening is at defensive coordinator and it will be interesting to see what the 49ers do, especially with so many impressive names available like Ron Rivera, Brandon Staley and BILL BELICHICK. The 49ers could also just promote from within, which would open the door for someone like secondary coach Daniel Bullocks to get the job. 

4. Five teams that could take a step back in 2024

One of the biggest shockers of the 2023 season was the downfall of the Chargers. After going 10-7 and making the playoffs in 2022, the Chargers fell apart in 2023, going just 5-12, which led to the midseason firing of Brandon Staley. 

Every year, there are multiple teams that fall off a cliff after a somewhat successful season, and our Jeff Kerr is trying to pinpoint which teams those might be in 2024. Here are five teams that Jeff thinks will take a step back in 2024: 

1. Browns (2023 record: 11-6)
2. Saints (9-8)
3. Broncos (8-9)
4. Vikings (7-10)
5. Giants (6-11)

The Saints play in the easiest division in football, so I don't think they'll take a huge step back next year. However, I won't be surprised if Kerr ends up being correct with the other four teams. The biggest wild card on this list is probably the Broncos. Sean Payton took a team that went 5-12 in 2022 and improved them to 8-9 in 2023. If he can get his QB situation figured out, he might have a successful 2024 season, but Denver plays in a tough division, so it wouldn't be totally surprising to see them take a step back. 

Anyway, to see Kerr's full explanation for why each team made the list, be sure to click here

5. 2024 Draft order is finally set

With the Super Bowl over, that means the order for the 2024 NFL Draft is finally set. The Chiefs will be getting the 32nd and final pick of the first round, and at this point, I'm guessing they're probably used to picking that low. Since 2018, the Chiefs have only made one first-round pick in the top 30 and barring a trade, that won't be changing this year. 

With that in mind, here is the official order for the 2023 NFL Draft:

1. Bears (7-10) via 2-15 Panthers
2. Commanders (4-13)
3. Patriots (4-13) 
4. Cardinals (4-13)
5. Chargers (5-12)
6. Giants (6-11)
7. Titans (6-11)
8. Falcons (7-10)
9. Bears (7-10) 
10. Jets (7-10)
11. Vikings (7-10) 
12. Broncos (8-9)
13. Raiders (8-9)
14. Saints (9-8)
15. Colts (9-8)
16. Seahawks (9-8)
17. Jaguars (9-8)
18. Bengals (9-8)
19. Rams (10-7)
20. Steelers (10-7)
21. Dolphins (11-6)
22. Eagles (11-6)
23. Texans (10-7) via 11-6 Browns 
24. Cowboys (12-5)
25. Packers (9-8)
26. Buccaneers (9-8)
27. Cardinals (4-13) via 10-7 Texans
28. Bills (11-6)
29. Lions (12-5)
30. Ravens (13-4)
31. 49ers (12-5)
32. Chiefs (11-6)

Now that we know the draft order, you might be wondering how the first round will play out and we have the answer right here in Ryan Wilson's latest mock draft, so be sure to click over. Wilson has the Chiefs using the 32nd pick on Oklahoma offensive tackle Tyler Guyton. 

The 2024 NFL Draft, which will be held in Detroit, will run April 25-27. 

6. Extra points: Jim Harbaugh adds former NFL head coach to his Chargers staff

It's been a busy 24 hours in the NFL, and since it's nearly impossible to keep track of everything that happened, I went ahead and put together a roundup for you. 

  • Chargers hire Marc Trestman. The Chargers announced 11 coaching staff hirings on Wednesday and one of those was Trestman. The former Bears head coach has been hired as Harbaugh's senior offensive assistant in Los Angeles. After his stint with the Bears (2013-14), Trestman served two seasons as the Ravens offensive coordinator (2015-16). 
  • Steve Spagnulo gets extension from Chiefs. On the same day the 49ers fired their defensive coordinator, the other defensive coordinator in the Super Bowl got a contract extension. With Spagnulo's contract set to expire, the Chiefs rewarded him by giving him an extension. You can check out more details here
  • Travis Kelce says he crossed the line with Andy Reid. The Chiefs tight definitely regretted his in-game meltdown on Andy Reid during the Super Bowl. "I immediately wish I took it back," Kelce said on the latest episode of his "New Heights" podcast. "Coach Reid actually came right up to me after that and he just let me know, 'Hey man, I love your passion. I got cameras on me all over the place, man.' ... Just fired me up even more to go out there and get a (expletive) victory for him, man." You can read Kelce's full comments here
  • Chris Jones says he wants to return to Kansas City. After holding out to start the season, it was starting to look like Jones was planning on leaving K.C. after 2023, but it's now possible that's not the case. The Chiefs' star sounded like a man who wants to return in 2024, "I need three of those rings baby," Jones said Wednesday, via PFT. "We ain't done yet. We ain't done yet. Kansas City, we will be back here next year. And for those who want Chris Jones gone, I ain't going nowhere, baby!"
  • All QB options on table for Falcons. New Falcons offensive coordinator Zac Robinson was asked about the team's QB situation this week and it sounds like the job is going to be wide open this offseason. "Whether it's a pocket guy, whether it's a guy that can move around a little bit, we're just looking for the best guy that we can do," Robinson said Wednesday, via "Certainly know the guys that are here, we're evaluating everybody, so Taylor [Heinicke] and Desmond [Ridder], we're looking at those guys." Robinson then added that "All options are on the table."