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Former NFL wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh has filed a temporary restraining order against a woman he says has been obsessed with him and his family for years, according to court documents filed in Los Angeles. Houshmandzadeh claims the woman changed her last name to his and has made threats directed at his family.

Per the documents, acquired by TMZ, Houshmandzadeh says the woman has been stalking him and his family since 2015. The woman, 53, used to go by Annette Selkirk but changed her name to Annette Marie Houshmandzadeh due to a "bizarre and extreme obsession" with the retired wideout.

There was already a restraining order against the woman dating back to 2015, but that has since expired, and she has resumed her harassment of the Houshmandzadeh family. Houshmandzadeh claims she poses as the mother of his children online and has even made contact with his wife.

The most disturbing story entailed the woman sending "several bullets inscribed with the names of each member of the Houshmandzadeh family."

If the restraining order is granted, the woman would have to stay at least 500 yards away from Houshmandzadeh and his family, and she would have to stop using his last name as an attempt to meddle in his "personal affairs."

Houshmandzadeh played 11 seasons in the NFL, eight of them with the Cincinnati Bengals. In that time, Houshmandzadeh caught 627 passes for 7,237 yards and 44 touchdowns. In 2007, Houshmandzadeh led the NFL with 112 receptions and earned Pro Bowl honors.