The Giants secured an emotional win over the 49ers on Sunday night, with Eli Manning marching down the field and hitting tight end Larry Donnell for a late, game-winning touchdown. Elsewhere, another Giants tight end was dealing with a more emotional and life-threatening issue.

Daniel Fells, already placed on IR and battling a MRSA infection in his foot and ankle, continues to battle the infection through a series of surgeries and reportedly lost part of his foot already.

The Giants understand Fells' battle and, in a very touching gesture, dedicated Sunday night's game ball to the tight end.

On Sunday it was reported Fells was at risk of losing his foot due to the MRSA infection. 

According to Bleacher/Report's Jason Cole, Fells already lost part of his foot during a surgery and his career is "over" because of the partial loss of the limb.

"At this point in time, Fells career is over. He will never play football again according to that source," Cole reported Monday. "The reason is that among the five procedures he’s already had on the foot, they’ve already taken out parts of the foot to fight off the infection that’s gone after to attack the foot."

It's a horrible situation if the MRSA infection cost Fells his career -- especially with the infection coming reportedly when he received a cortisone shot -- and the only silver lining is it sounds like, from reports, he can avoid further life-threatening scares. His teammates are certainly thinking of him.

Daniel Fells is fighting for his life. (USATSI)