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The New York Giants' defense is planning for change this upcoming season, with a focus on being faster, more aggressive and violent. New defensive coordinator Shane Bowen wants opposing offenses to struggle against his squad and has a plan for how he wants things to look. 

"I'm hoping it's going to be speed and aggressiveness," Bowen said, discussing the plans for the defense (via the Giants official website). "Regardless of scheme -- everybody's going to have scheme, we're going to have plenty of scheme -- but I want to make sure our guys are lined up, they know what to do, and they can play fast and aggressive ultimately."

Bowen continued, noting that he wants to "maximize" his players' abilities.

"I don't want to paralyze them before the ball is even snapped by overthinking," he said. "They're all here for a reason. God has blessed them with the skill set to be here. I want to make sure we can maximize that skill set and they're able to maximize that skill set. But hopefully [it will be] fast, aggressive, you'll see some violence from us and ultimately guys making plays."

Bowen joined the Giants after six seasons with the Tennessee Titans, where he served as the defensive coordinator since 2021. His defense was No. 1 in red zone scoring allowed (allowing touchdowns on 37.7 percent of drives in the red zone), goal-to-go scoring (42.9 percent ending in touchdowns) and third-down conversion rate in the red zone (23.4).

The Titans allowed the fewest rushing yards in the league at 89.7 yards per game and allowed 3.70 yards per carry, another NFL low. Bowen's defense allowed the third-fewest rushing touchdowns (33) during his time as a DC and allowed the seventh-fewest touchdowns from scrimmage (106).

Coming into a new program, Bowen wants his players to fully commit to the approach and goals put forth. 

"To me, I think it starts with play style, demeanor, what we want to be defensively," Bowen said. "You think run game, you think physicality, you think toughness, and that's what we want to be at all levels. I was blessed with some really good players down there [in Tennessee], no different than we are here, but the guys bought into it. They took ownership of it. And it's unique. It's great to stop the run, but you better be able to affect the quarterback just the same."

He continued, explaining how he wants the plays to be executed. 

"So, finding that balance and just [having] the attacking mentality where we're getting off the ball, trying to play on the other side of the line scrimmage, and then in that regard, if it is a pass, you're already on your way," Bowen said. "I think that's something we've kind of progressed to as we went over the past few years of not being as much read-and-react, where we're more going to attack the line of scrimmage and let things play out as it may. You've got guys at the second level, at the third level, who can make those guys up front right a lot of times in the run game. We're going to let those guys go and hopefully we'll be a little bit more aggressive, attacking and creating a new line of scrimmage and guys fitting off of them."

The Giants defense added Pro Bowl edge rusher Brian Burns, and Bowen notes the "explosiveness" and "athleticism" the former Carolina Panther has, and looks forward to pairing him with Kayvon Thibodeaux and Dexter Lawrence. He plans to use what his players already bring to the table to improve that line of scrimmage he is making a priority in 2024.

"I think both [Burns and Thibodeaux] have very unique skill sets and what you're looking for at that position. The size, the length, all that being said, but the suddenness, the athleticism, all those things translate in my mind hopefully to production and being able to play a little bit more on the other side of the line of scrimmage."

The Giants finished 6-11 last season, third in their division. The team struggled in many areas and while their offense was not the strongest, the defense giving up 20 or more points in 11 games did not help either. Hopefully, the franchise turns things around with Bowen running the unit.