The NFL offseason could also be known as the NFL uniform redesign season. In 2024 alone, four different teams have unveiled completely revised wardrobes for the new year. Meanwhile plenty of others have tweaked their current sets with new throwback jerseys, alternate looks and even vintage-colored facemasks.

So which of the teams undergoing major aesthetic changes aced their respective makeover? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but here's how we'd grade and rank the big overhauls going into 2024:

4. Denver Broncos

Of the teams to reveal a new look, the Broncos have undergone the most jarring refresh with their "Mile High Collection."

Accordingly, there's both a lot to like and a lot to process. Individually, some of the new flourishes -- tiny triangles and angled sleeve caps to represent the Rocky Mountains, "5280" helmet labels to recognize Denver's elevation -- are appropriately bold and thoughtful. It's an admirable effort to pair existing colors with a more minimalized display. But taken as a whole, the collection bears some similarities to college getups. Except, of course, the new alternate: a refined spin on the Broncos' classic 1970s-era "Orange Crush" uniforms, complete with "Legacy Blue" helmets housing the club's old "D" helmets.

This retro look certainly enhances the new rotation, but its return to the uniform arsenal begs the question: Why weren't these beloved outfits simply made the new full-timers? Broncos fans already appear to be advocating for as much.

Grade: C

3. New York Jets

The Jets went back to the future for their redesign, essentially adopting their 2023 throwbacks -- a spin on the "Sack Exchange"-era uniforms worn from 1979-1989 -- as their new regular attire, calling it the "Legacy Collection."

As a result, there are not a ton of new features here, aside from a modified rendition of the club's classic "Jets" logo. But that's OK. Simplicity has been a staple of some of the Jets' most classic green and white looks, so this registers as a genuine return to the roots. One notable omission from the new jerseys and pants is any distinguishing "New York" or "Jets" branding, but that too is a nod to the old look.

Grade: B

2. Detroit Lions

The Lions picked a good time to refresh their look, updating their wardrobe with a "One Pride" collection just as they've returned to relevance on the field, but it helps they've also opted for a makeover that's both splashy and justified.

The boldest of the strokes is clearly the "Motor City" alternates, featuring black jerseys with blue numbers and helmets. It's a hit-or-miss kind of look, certainly more sleek and aggressive than the previous grey alternates, but somewhat reminiscent of the Carolina Panthers. The real stars are the traditional home and away looks; the "Honolulu Blue" getup has been tweaked to pop even more, shining with both vintage simplicity and radiant color, evoking the look of the 1990s Barry Sanders era. Meanwhile the white road jerseys, despite a new "Detroit" label beneath the collar, retain a lot of the clean, crisp look they already had.

Grade: A-

1. Houston Texans

Texans CEO Cal McNair said this week that Houston's new four-uniform collection -- "H-Town Made" -- was primarily fan-inspired. And he seems to be telling the truth, because the Texans' new look seems both broadly appealing and colorfully upgraded -- the perfect balance of honoring traditional colors while introducing fresh design.

Aside from a modernized number font, the regular home jersey isn't drastically different, but that's OK, because the traditional look was already solid. The updated road look, while at times reminiscent of the Atlanta Falcons, is crisper and bolder thanks in large part due to enhanced bullhorn-esque sleeve stripes. But the real jewels are the alternates: A new "Battle Red" combo pairs red pants with red jerseys and a candy-paint red helmet also featuring a new bullhorn logo; while an "H-Town" alternate introduces both an all-new "H-Town" helmet logo and "H-Town Blue" coloring, which has an icy pop against the darker uniform colors. There's something for everyone here: classic regulars and eye-popping alternatives. Buckle up for the season.

Grade: A