The New England Patriots dominated the division rival Buffalo Bills on Sunday, ripping off 37 points and coasting to a three-touchdown margin of victory. Unsurprisingly, Rob Gronkowski played a huge role in making that huge win happen, catching five of seven targets from Tom Brady for 67 yards and a touchdown. 

This was not the first time Gronk has utterly dominated the Bills, and so after the game, he was asked just why he always seems to light them up. His answer was classic Gronk. 

In 2010, the Bills had the No. 9 and No. 41 picks in the draft. They drafted C.J. Spiller at No. 9. Spiller had a couple good years but didn't exactly turn out to be anything special. He lasted five years in Buffalo. At No. 41, the Bills drafted someone by the name of Torell Troup. He was a defensive tackle out of UCF. You've almost certainly never heard of him. 

Pick No. 42 in the 2010 draft was Rob Gronkowski. And he has made his hometown team pay for passing him over twice. 

9/26/10W 38-3033431
12/26/10W 34-347542
9/25/11L 31-34791092
1/1/12W 49-218101082
9/30/12W 52-285111041
11/11/12W 37-3134311
10/12/14W 37-2279940
9/20/15W 40-327131131
11/23/15W 20-1327370
10/2/16*L 0-1612110
10/30/16W 41-25571091
12/3/17W 23-39111470
12/24/17W 37-1657671

Gronk has 12 touchdowns in 13 career games against the Bills, and has scored twice in three of those games. He's got five or more catches in eight of 13 games, and 65 yards or more in eight of 13 as well. His 16-game pace is 81-1264-15. And that line includes a game where Jacoby Brissett played quarterback (marked with an asterisk) in place of Tom Brady. His pace in Brady-QB'ed games is 87-1355-16.

I think it's safe to say the Bills would have been better off just drafting this guy.