On Sunday evening, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson was found asleep at the wheel after driving his car into a retention pond in Jacksonville. The Florida Times-Union reported that the responding officers arrived at the scene around 4:20 a.m. and noticed that both Robinson and a female passenger were asleep inside the car. It was determined that Robinson wasn't impaired and shouldn't face DUI charges.

On Wednesday evening, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams announced a review of the officers' conduct in the incident.

"I have ordered a review of the incident by the officers' chain of command. Based on that review, any necessary and warranted corrective action will be taken," Williams told the Times-Union in an email.

The Times-Union's story also contained more detail about what, exactly, might be investigated:

The Sheriff's Office report from Sunday's crash said Robinson and his 29-year-old companion were asleep in the submerging Chevrolet Impala when found by a responding officer about 4:20 a.m. Both Robinson and the woman had to be woken up and didn't seem to know what was going on or show any urgency, but no injuries were reported.

It's unclear in the report why the officers allowed Robinson to leave the scene without citing or arresting him and how they determined he was not impaired if they did not perform drug or alcohol tests.

Robinson apparently did not hit the brakes as he drove the car into the pond. He attempted to open the driver's side door three times before being convinced by officers to remove his seat belt and exit through the passenger's side.

"I was able to wake the driver but had to turn the vehicle off and remove his seat belt," the accident report said. "The driver thought he was on the road and did not want to exit the vehicle. I had to tell the driver multiple times the car was in a pond and was sinking."

The report then stated that the officer screened Robinson for possible impairment and found that he was not impaired. It is unclear how that conclusion was reached.