There is a strong sense within the Jaguars organization that major changes are coming in 2020, according to league sources, with members of the coaching staff and front office concerned about their job security and beginning to reach out to associates around the league to inquire about availability elsewhere.

The Jaguars fell far short of internal expectations last season, with ownership mulling possible changes only to announce hours after the seasons ended that it would be retaining Tom Coughlin as team president, with Dave Caldwell as GM and Doug Marrone as head coach. The team has continued going backwards this season despite adding more salary in the offseason, dealing its best player after his showdown with ownership, continuing to experience disciplinary issues and falling to last place in the AFC South.

The signing of Nick Foles has not worked out, and problems remain on both sides of the ball. Just last week, Coughlin met the media to implore players and fans not to give up on the season, which is never a good sign. Questions remain as to how long Coughlin, who built a potential Hall of Fame resume as head coach of the Jaguars and Giants, will continue in this role with the Jaguars no long er close to contending for a Super Bowl and possibly facing a rebuild they have fought hard to stave off.

Several members of Marrone's staff believe a coaching change is inevitable in 2020 at this point, sources said, while changes could be coming in the front office as well. Multiple league sources have pointed to former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels as possible candidates there. Jags ownership has long studied New England's success; Pioli and McDaniels have deep Patriots roots, and ownership has been impressed by their work in the past, sources said -- with increasing chatter about them in NFL circles in recent weeks.

The Jaguars are 9-18 since reaching the AFC Championship in the 2017 season.