Janoris Jenkins is a free agent. He spent the first four years of his career with the St. Louis Rams, playing in 60 of a possible 64 games and starting 58 of them. He has 10 interceptions in that time, and he returned a league-leading (tied with William Gay and Aqib Talib) five of them for touchdowns.

Is he one of the best corners in the league? No. Is he an above-average one? Yeah, probably, especially given his steady improvement over the course of his career. Is he happy with the way his contract negotiations with the now-Los Angeles Rams have gone? Definitely not. Just take a look at his Twitter feed over the last week or so.

First, he retweeted this tweet:

Already not a great sign for his staying with the Rams. Then, over the course of the last 24 hours, we had this stuff:

Obviously he was unhappy with whatever offer came from the Rams. And then he reportedly fired his agent. There's now a five-day waiting period before he can hire another agent, which means any chance of him being retained by the Rams via the franchise tag is likely gone as well, unless Jenkins plans to negotiate that deal himself. If they use the tag at all, it seems likely Trumaine Johnson will be the recipient.

Is Janoris Jenkins ever going to play in Los Angeles? (USATSI)

That means Jenkins will likely hit the open market, and you never know what can happen there. He's probably one of the top-10 or so cornerbacks available. His propensity to make big plays could garner a big offer, but his gambling nature that also leads him to give up big plays could depress his market if teams decide to go with safer options.