There are many great mysteries in the world, Stonehenge, UFO's, Atlantis, but one of the greatest mysteries of our time was former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler's "chicken serial killer." Something was killing Cutler's beloved chickens and he was willing to do anything to get to the bottom of it.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the reality star's farm problems, first of all, good for you for having more of a life than me, and second, I have you covered with everything you need to know about the entire thing, including who was eventually found guilty of the act.

Since retiring, Cutler has been one with his farm and has a bond with his chickens. When he started finding the animals dead, he began his True Crime mission to bring justice to the situation and protect the rest of the flock.

Here is a complete timeline of the situation.

June 24:

Cutler took to his instagram stories to tell the world of his mission and gave some initial suspects. He did not leave out that it could be an inside job, saying one of his cat was a "savage with loose morals."

Thelma did not give an alibi and it is reported she called her lawyer shortly after.

Jay made it clear this was only the beginning of his mission.

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Stay tuned. Operation save the eggers

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June 25:

A clear photo was taken of one of the main suspects. While she is innocent until proven guilty, on this farm Cutler can trust no one.

Thelma was released on bail, according to sources that I have made up for the sake of humor.

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Public enemy #1. Maybe but hopefully not.

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Cutler alerted the public to what he thinks is an owl and, while authorities did not officially name the animal as a suspect, at this point anyone in question could be the guilty one.

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Sounds up kids. We have an owl problem.

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Our first suspect has been cleared. Cutler apologized to the cat, but stood by the reasons for his suspicion.

June 26:

An official warning to the predators was given:

Cutler provided more background on Ole Blue to warn anyone entering the chicken yard that they better buckle up.

Operation #SaveJaysChickens is in full force and now has a reward for anyone who can guess the culprit.

June 27:

A cheetah has also been removed as a suspect.

Fox and coyote have the early lead for suspects, with raccoon not far behind.

A Sasquatch, who was a sleeper, has become a main suspect. Any 'squatch fans reading this will knowledge of their habits? We need all the information we can get.

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Well. I’m convinced. Big day tomorrow.

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His night vision cameras have caught nothing and Cutler is at a loss for words. The mystery continues.

However, the operation clearly received more funding and they now have proper equipment on hand.

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Time to get serious....

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June 28:

The cameras, which were tested, failed during the night. Cutler plans to regroup, but will not give up. The one camera that did work however, gave the first image of the possible suspect.

A look at the evidence shows how dire the situation is. Jay, you need cones and tape around those feathers to make it a proper crime scene.

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New development. Front yard. The hits just keep coming.

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June 29:

The chickens have been moved and the trap has been set.

Jay is a clear newbie at this trap stuff and is hoping for the best.

The trap was a fail.

Cutler took a break to process everything, but will be back with the mission soon.

A ghost is now a prime suspect.

His trap game has been amplified.

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💯 I would go in that trap. Can’t lose tonight.

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June 30:

Jay's most recent post reads, "I'm being taunted, mocked and outwitted by a small animal. Avoided the trap and all the other cameras. Only pic from last night. Only one option left."

July 1:

After what feels like forever, the mystery has finally been solved. The killer is *drumroll please* a raccoon.

Jay wrote a post saying, "All is well and happy to report it was a raccoon. Which fits the evidence. Chicken heads were ripped off and bodies were left in the chicken yard. Gruesome stuff but reality of the situation. Ladies are now safe and sound. We can all sleep well for a few nights. Unfortunately I'm sure this raccoon has some family members."

He did say he does not expect this to be the end and predicts more drama is to come.