Aaron Rodgers isn't just the New York Jets' quarterback. He's also a potential candidate for U.S. vice president and one of the most recognized, if polarizing voices of the NFL. Soon he'll also be the subject of an upcoming unauthorized biography, though Rodgers himself has contributed to the project, according to NBC Sports, providing an exclusive two-hour interview to the author.

Rodgers "finally agreed to an interview" this February, author Ian O'Connor told ProFootballTalk this week. The former NFL MVP was offered the interview to "respond to what I had learned and what I had been told during my research," O'Connor explained, and the Jets signal-caller ended up making the project a "better book" by doing so.

"Out of the Darkness: The Mystery of Aaron Rodgers" is due out Aug. 20 from Mariner Books as a 384-page hardcover apparently featuring hundreds of interviews about the longtime Green Bay Packers standout. O'Connor's previous works include biographies of other legendary sports figures like former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and former Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"Aaron Rodgers is among the two or three most talented players to ever hold the most important job in American team sports -- quarterback," the book's synopsis teases. "He also stands as the most mysterious and polarizing figure in the modern-day national pastime that is professional football. ... O'Connor reveals all sides of an all-time great and delivers a portrait of a complex man that will forever shape the way he is viewed."