As the regular season winds down, coaches and general managers on the hot seat are potentially seeing their final days in their current roles. While many teams will see major changes, the New York Jets are sticking with their current staff.

Jets owner Woody Johnson will be keeping head coach Robert Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas for at least another year, he told the New York Post on Sunday. The team is also expected to keep offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for the 2024 season, per NFL.com

"My decision is to keep them," Johnson told the Post before Sunday's game against the Commanders. "I think we've had some very positive moves. The culture of the team is a lot better. The defense is better. The offense needs a few pieces."

Aaron Rodgers only played four snaps in Week 1 before he went out with a season-ending Achilles injury, but has clearly liked what he's seen from the current coaches and GM from the sidelines. Rodgers has praised Saleh, Douglas and Hackett and wants them to be back next season.

"I believe in the leadership that we have here," Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show. "I believe in our guys. It's not a situation where we have to rebuild. We need to reload a little bit and there'll be some tough decisions. I like the pieces that we have in place."

The future Hall of Fame quarterback gave specifics on why he supports all three, noting roster moves and the style of offense in New York.

"I believe in Joe Douglas," Rodgers said. "I think he's put together a lot of great drafts and a great roster. I believe in Robert Saleh. I think he's a fantastic coach. He's about the right stuff. I believe in Nate Hackett. I always have. The offense that he runs is quarterback friendly." 

Rodgers is getting his wish, and Johnson mentioned the QB as a reason why.

"Just to keep the continuity going with Aaron and the team we've got," Johnson said as a reason why he wants Douglas and Saleh back. "Like I said a year ago, we need a quarterback. We had a quarterback for four plays. Since then we haven't been able to replace him. If we have a good quarterback, it makes everybody's job easier. It makes the line better, the receivers better.

"I think if you see Aaron Rodgers right now and the impact he's having on the team and what he's able to do with virtually no practice, it's amazing. He's in the fourth quarter of the league year and he's throwing like he's practiced all year. When he starts practicing and gets the timing with receivers just perfect, I think you're going to see some amazing things."

Saleh is in his third season as the Jets head coach and has a 16-32, or a .333 win percentage heading into Sunday's game. Under Saleh, New York has finished last in the AFC East the last two seasons and are currently in third place in the division. 

The team has yet to make the postseason with Saleh and while the expectations this season were that the team would make the playoffs, that changed quickly when Rodgers got hurt.

Since Douglas took the GM job in 2019, the Jets are 25-55 with no playoff appearances. 

Hackett came to the Jets following a failed head coaching stint with the Denver Broncos. He brought familiarity for Rodgers, as the two worked together on the Green Bay Packers.

The Jets offense certainly has not been without their bumps in the road this season, with a rotating door of quarterbacks who cannot establish the consistency needed to string together wins. Collectively, Jets quarterbacks have the second-worst completion percentage in the NFL (59.3), the fourth-fewest passing yards (2,825), the third-worst first down percentage (26.9) and the second-most sacks (61).

With quarterback Zach Wilson dealing with a concussion, Trevor Siemian will be leading the offense against Washington on Sunday.