Jimmy Garoppolo's era as the 49ers starting quarterback may be over, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his time with the franchise is ending anytime soon. 

Despite Trey Lance's emergence as his team's starting quarterback, 49ers owner Jed York recently said that 49ers are in no rush to trade Garoppolo, who remains under contract for the 2022 season. 

"I've said this before, you can't have enough good quarterbacks and good football players," York told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami. "I'm not going to get into roster discussions and what John (Lynch) and Kyle (Shanahan) want to do. But I will support them in sort of anything that they want to make this team as good as it can possibly be.

"I watched it with Joe (Montana) and Steve (Young), and I realize the salary cap is different today than having no salary cap. But we've said it before: We're happy to keep Jimmy. We're happy to have him on the roster. And if that's the case, then that's the case."

Jimmy Garoppolo
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While pricey (Garoppolo represents a $26.95 million cap hit), York seems completely content to keep Garoppolo, whose presence would provide insurance for arguably the most important position in sports. While all signs point to Lance being ready to assume the position of starting quarterback, this is the NFL, where many talented quarterbacks have struggled to find their footing, especially early in their careers as starters. Keeping Garoppolo gives the 49ers a plan B, something that York clearly values. 

As York alluded to, the 49ers have a history of having two quality quarterbacks on the roster. Young was an occasional substitute for Montana when the 49ers won back-to-back titles to close out the 1980s. When Montana missed the entire 1991 season with an injury, Young led the 49ers to a 10-6 season. Young won the first of two MVP awards the following season and led San Francisco to the franchise's most recent Super Bowl win in 1994. By that time, Montana was closing out a Hall of Fame career as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs

York and the 49ers certainly won't wait as long to move on from Garoppolo as they did with Montana, the favorite player of York's uncle, former 49ers owner and Hall of Famer Eddie DeBartolo. But, based on York's recent comments, it is clear that the franchise is in no rush to part ways with the quarterback who last season helped the 49ers reach their second NFC Championship game in three years.