Back in April, Johnny Manziel made headlines for the same reason he's made headlines since his release from the Browns: doing something outrageous.

The former Browns quarterback allegedly trashed a $4.5 million house in Los Angeles, managing to do $32,000 worth of damage. Now he's reportedly being sued by the homeowner for damages.

According to TMZ, attorney Niki Ghazian, on behalf of Nicholas Goodwin and The Goodwin Group, is demanding $40,000 for the damages done by Manziel and his crew.

The attorney claims Goodwin was approached about renting the house, a 5,000-sq. foot Hollywood Hills mansion, by someone who claimed to be named "Travis" but who was, quite obviously, Johnny Manziel.

"Travis" promised to "keep things low key" over the two-night rental and reportedly agreed to pay a fine if more than 15 people were at the house at any given time.

Johnny Manziel is reportedly being sued in California. USATSI

Didn't happen. Manziel and crew allegedly burnt expensive rugs, broke a glass table (among other physical issues to the house) and even managed to get the cops called to the house. Josh Gordon might have even been there!

All told it equaled $32,000 in damages, including a $10,000 party fee/fine, and Goodwin is demanding $40,000 for restitution.

"Surveillance footage shows that Mr. Manziel threw large parties on both nights, causing extensive damage to the subject property," Ghazian said previously. "Evidence suggests that Mr. Manziel and his guests were consuming drugs and alcohol on the property."

Manziel's recent past when it comes to paying off his debts is decidedly un-Lannister like. He's been just up and disappearing from family functions he's supposed to attend lately, he's watching the NFL Draft in a bar, he's dealing with a domestic violence criminal case, he can't keep a job and/or agent and is looking disturbingly gaunt.

There are a slew of warning signs and it doesn't look like Manziel is seeing them.