It's impossible to believe the Giants continued to employ kicker Josh Brown given the mountain of evidence that continues to pile up about Brown's alleged domestic violence incidents involving his ex-wife. One of the most disturbing reports involves the NFL assisting Brown and his wife in providing her a separate hotel room during a Pro Bowl incident this past January.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reported Thursday that Molly Brown called security and had to move to a different hotel room when a "drunk" Josh Brown was beating down her hotel room door.

But the league did not hide her and her children at a different hotel, the source said, and the Browns were together as a family without any known incidents the rest of the weekend -- including on the field on Sunday after the game.

Molly and Josh were in the process of getting a divorce when the trip occurred and Molly, according to police documents, only agreed to come because Josh paid her expenses and the expenses for their two daughters and son.

Brown received a one-game suspension from the NFL prior to the season, a disturbingly light punishment given the details surrounding the 20-plus incidents with Brown and his ex-wife.

Police records recently revealed Brown admitted to abusing Molly. And on Thursday the Giants announced Brown would not be joining the team on its trip to London for Week 7's Sunday morning game.

John Mara, speaking Thursday on CBS Sports Radio affiliate WFAN, said the Giants knew about the Pro Bowl incident, ostensibly before they re-signed Brown this offseason.

Mara also admitted Brown told the Giants previously he'd "abused his wife in the past," which makes the decision to bring him back even more baffling.

The Giants are clearly reacting to the news here, rather than being proactive about trying to ensure high-quality individuals populate their roster. It's a disturbing trend that happens far too often in the NFL.