Video released by TMZ on Friday afternoon showed former Chiefs running Kareem Hunt assaulting a woman in a hotel hallway. The incident took place in February and Hunt, despite an NFL investigation into the matter, was not disciplined for it at the time. The Chiefs released him in the wake of the video, cutting ties with Hunt on Friday afternoon

On Sunday morning, Hunt, now a free agent on waivers until Monday at 4 p.m. ET, spoke with Lisa Salters of ESPN during a live interview in which he repeatedly apologized for his actions and provided some details about the incident. 

Of note and interest in the interview, Hunt admitted he lied to the Chiefs about the incident and also said he never spoke to the NFL about what happened in the hotel. 

"The Chiefs are right. I didn't tell them everything. I don't blame them for anything," Hunt said. "My actions caused this. There's no hard feeling between me and the Chiefs."

Asked multiple times if the NFL talked to him or attempted to talk to him, Hunt said they did not.

"No they have not," Hunt said. 

Salters also asked Hunt about the details of the incident in the hotel and whether there were some things said or done by the other party that could have caused things to escalate. Hunt hinted at a disagreement but said any words exchanged between parties present don't excuse his actions. 

"Honestly, it just it ... it was just a long night. To be exact, it don't really matter what happened," Hunt said. "I was in the wrong. I could've took responsibility and made the right decision to find a way to de-escalate the whole situation."

He did admit there were some things said "that I did not like" but didn't get into the details.

"There was definitely some things that were said and did that I did not like. That's not an excuse. That person in that video, did not deserve that," Hunt said. "I didn't mean to hurt anybody or anything like that. It's really tough. It's tough because I felt like I let a lot of people down and I just want to apologize to everyone, the Chiefs organization and my close friends."

Hunt said he did not know the woman in question -- "I'd never met the girl before besides that one time" -- and that he had not spoken to the woman since the incident and did not know how to get in contact with her, but "if I could I would want to tell her right now that I'm sorry."

The running back, who led the league in rushing as a rookie in 2017, called the situation "just a disagreement" and said he "wanted her to leave" but also said none of that is "an excuse." 

"I just thought of myself being ... not me. That's not me. I was raised better than that," Hunt told Salters. "I'm not the type of person to ever think about putting my hands on anyone. A woman, a girl, it doesn't matter."

Hunt also said he did not see the video until Friday, when everyone else saw it, and that he believes the Chiefs saw the video then as well.

"When everyone else saw the video, that's when I saw the video, that's when the Chiefs saw the video," Hunt said. "To see that, it's tough, because I wish I would have handled it differently."

In a sound byte that won't play well, Hunt said he did not "realize what I did once I saw the video" and described the video as "tough to watch." Asked what he regrets, Hunt said "I just regret my decision that I made that night" and described his decision as "just, you know, a big, big mistake."

Hunt also admitted he likely has anger issues and that while he has not sought counseling yet, he is planning to arrange something in the future. 

"[Anger management] could be an issue. I feel like everybody gets a little angry sometimes," Hunt said. "I'm going to get treatment on it. I want to make sure nothing like this happens again."

According to ESPN host Sam Ponder, Hunt requested the interview.