Anytime you can get a guy who managed to set music back 50 years by mashing up "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Werewolves of London" into a horrific, catchy new song to weigh in on a sports/politics controversy, you have to do it.

Unfortunately no one actually asked Kid Rock to weigh in on the Colin Kaepernick situation, but he did it anyway and he apparently did it during a very public forum. According to, a Des Moines NBC affiliate, the former rapper/music mangler appeared on stage at a concert and got a little political during an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Sunday evening. 

Rock, who is apparently contemplating a run for Sentate ( was not a bad dream, I'm sorry), was selling "Kid Rock for Senate" t-shirts for $25 at the fair. 

He was also, according to, showing an image of President Donald Trump during an "in-song collage." And during a rendition of "Born Free," Rock let his thoughts be known on Kaepernick.

"Football's about ready to start," Rock said according to "You know what? [expletive] Colin Kaepernick." You might remember "Born Free" from such commercials as every Chevrolet ad you saw for a year straight. 

The lyrics are ironic too -- "you can't keep no chains on me / I was born free" -- considering the criticism being doled out at Kaepernick, who is being asked to stop protesting what he believes are racial injustices in America. 

This is hardly the only Kaepernick news this week either, with thousands (including Susan Sarandon!) showing up at NFL headquarters in order to protest Kaepernick's unemployment. The NAACP wants to meet with Roger Goodell and the NFL about the situation. 

Football is coming and the Kaepernick situation is not going to fade into the background any time soon.