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Whether you're one who lends credence to what athletes do with their social media bios or not, you have to admit what Kyler Murray did recently is -- at minimum -- a bit curious. The two-time Pro Bowl quarterback wiped all mention of the Arizona Cardinals from his social media accounts, reducing his Instagram page to only two images and making some changes to his Twitter bio and avi as well, but no one seems to know why or, if they do, they're not spilling the beans. 

There has been no comment issued by the organization or Murray's agent as to what's going on, and Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald is as bewildered as the rest of us. When asked about Murray's scrub, the future Hall of Fame wide receiver pointed out how things aren't exactly adding up on his end.

"I haven't talked to Kyler in a while, but he looked good in the Pro Bowl," said Fitzgerald, per ESPN. "Looked like he was having a great time, throwing touchdowns out there."

The social media wipe came after the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl in Las Vegas, and ahead of an offseason wherein there's much to be figured out by the Cardinals. The team can keep the former first-overall pick under contract through the 2023 season by exercising his fifth-year option, which seems a no-brainer if no deal can be hashed out in the near future, and that option will cost them roughly $25 million for that season but spare them a higher cap hit for 2022, when Murray is owed only $965,500 in base salary. 

But if Murray is wholly disinterested with waiting another year before discussing his second contract -- as the numbers would readily justify -- one that might reset the QB market when it lands, then there might be an impasse in Arizona that's fueling Murray's veiled message (?) toward the Cardinals.

"I just hope everything works out the way both sides want it to work out," Fitzgerald added, intimating it may very well be a contract dispute hiding behind the curtain. "That's really what it's all about for me. I love Kyler, I love the Cardinals and I want the best for everybody."

Needless to say, it's a situation to keep an eye on in the desert, following yet another disappointing finish to what was initially (again) a promising season.