The Patriots arrived in Minnesota on Monday, kicking off the week leading up to Super Bowl LII. Patriots coach Bill Belichick is hoping to catch the Eagles by surprise with his game plan on Sunday, but he managed to catch the rest of us by surprise when he stepped off the plane in Minneapolis wearing a fedora. 

That's right ... Bill Belichick in a fedora. What a day.

Belichick isn't exactly known for his fashion prowess (outside of cutting the sleeves off of every sweatshirt he owns) but it appears he wanted to throw a little extra flavor into his travel outfit before the big game. According to ESPN's Mike Reiss, the move could have been a tribute to the late Paul Brown. 

In any case, Belichick managed to generate quite a decent amount of buzz as a result of his surprising fashion statement, and the internet had jokes to deliver.

In keeping with villain cosplay week, Belichick will show up to media day in a Bane mask.