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Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill decided to go undercover to surprise fans when his team traveled to Germany to play the Kansas City Chiefs last week. His costume wasn't great, but he did manage to trick one Chiefs fan.

Hill -- dressed in a wig, over-the-top artificial facial hair and sunglasses -- was going around asking people if they recognized photos of popular athletes from various sports. He stopped and asked a man wearing a Chiefs hat if he wanted to be part of the NFL social media page. The man agreed, and Hill started showing him photos of some very recognizable people, including Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Lionel Messi.

The fan did well overall, but struggled to name Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid as well as Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson. When the man couldn't guess Ferguson, Hill joked about how his teammate is just "some random white guy." Of course, Ferguson watched the video and reacted to "catching strays in Germany."

The fan was lastly asked to recognize a picture of Hill. The person holding the camera yelled that time was up, which gave the player an opportunity to ask about himself. 

"What do you think about Hill?" Hill asked. "Is he nice?"

"I think he is a great athlete, playing for the wrong team right now," the fan replied.

Hill moved on from that comment and asked him what it would mean to him if he happened to meet Hill. 

"He is No. 1 player in his fantasy team and I'm very thankful for him," the fan said.

Hill then revealed his real identity to the complete surprise of the fan, and the two hugged and snapped some photos together. The Chiefs eventually beat the Dolphins 21-14 in Germany, but at least Hill can say a Chiefs fan was on his side again during the game.