No matter what happens in Super Bowl LVII, Donna Kelce will be a winner. Both of Donna's sons, Travis and Jason, are in the big game, but will be on opposite sidelines. Center Jason Kelce is suiting up for the Philadelphia Eagles, while tight end Travis Kelce is on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Donna has been one of the biggest stars of Super Bowl week, as she becomes the first mother to have two children playing in the Super Bowl in the same year. Leading up to the game, she has made sure that she represents both children, and her outfits have been a reflection of her dual fandom

Ahead of Super Bowl 57, Donna showed off her outfit, and it is the best one yet.

She has a jacket that is split down the middle, half in Eagles colors and half in Chiefs colors, with both logos, each player's number and their first name. She has a bag that says "Mama Kelce" with both their numbers on the bag. One of her shoes says "Chiefs" with the logo and Travis' number. The other shoe has Eagles colors with the logo and Jasons' number.

"Mama Kelce," as she is known by, has seen her sons play against each other twice, once in 2017 and once in 2021. During those games she rocked the split jersey, but it was the Chiefs that came out the winner. Jason played against the Chiefs with Travis on the roster in 2013 as well, but No. 87 did not play in that game. So far, Jason is 0-3 against the Chiefs when Travis is on the roster.